How long does the process take?

For big tech companies, expect the interview process to take 1-2 mo from recruiter call to signing your offer. The companies move quite slow.

A typical timeline:

  • Submit Resume / Get Referral: Depending on the company, you may wait 3 days-2 weeks to get a response on your resume. Referrals generally get a sooner response. And of course, based on your job experience, you may be prioritized [3 days - 2w]

  • Phone Interview with Recruiter: A recruiter will vet you and ask questions to determine you have relevant experience 3-7 days later you'll get a coding exercise or a call with an engineer [3-7 days]

  • Tech Screen / Coding Exercise: You will either do a interview with an engineer or an independent coding exercise. Afterwards, you will get a decision on whether to proceed in [3-7 days]

  • Onsite: Depending on the company, it may take 3-14 days to actually schedule your onsite. Expect 1-2 days full of interviews (6-8 hours). Afterwards all the interviews will submit their "signals" (aka evaluations) [3-14 days].

  • Offer: The hiring bar (HB) will meet in 3-7 days (or more) to discuss your performance based on the signals and come to a decision on your leveling [3-7 days]

  • Offer Negotation: This may take a while. Expect 7-21 days to negotiate your offer. Don't rush this. This takes a while, because the recruiter will have to go back to the HB each time an adjustment has to be made [7-21 days]

  • Offer Letter: Once you decide on a TC amount, it will take 3-7 days to draft an offer letter [3-7d]

  • HR Stuff: Once you sign, you will be given a range of start dates. Generally they are 2w-2mo from signing. In the meantime you will get a background check. This includes work history. Make sure you are accurate in your start/end dates. You may want to preemtively upload your W2s/Pay stubs to help in verification. Also education verification (upload transcript or diploma). And then the standard stuff - court records, sex offender registry, credit history. A background check can take 48h-1mo (esp if you are in another country). Generally, you won't be able to start before the background check in complete. You'll also get payroll forms, onboarding forms, health insurance enrollment, etc [2w-1mo]

  • You're In: Congrads!!!

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