Getting The Interview

Even getting an onsite is a challenge. Especially if you have no big names on your resume. Here are some tips that can help

  • max out your skill set: Learn as much as possible in your current job. Take on more responsibility outside your role. You do FE? Ask to do some BE or dev ops

  • tech events/networking: go to meet ups and conferences and hackathons (esp). Those are best places to meet ppl. Lots of recruiters lurking around. Connections is a large part of getting jobs, esp early on, with no big names on your resume. Hackathons are great because they're multi day events where you build relationships and show off your practical skills

  • ask friends: when looking for job, message all you friends and ask for referrals. Best way to get an interview

  • ask on LI: just look for the company you’re applying to on LI by typing “<company name> engineer”. Maybe 10% may reply. Your initial message should be asking about the culture. Have a long talk showing that you researched the company and see excited about it. Then ask “would you mind putting in a referral. I don’t have too many big names on my resume, so it gets skipped over. But I know I’ll be a great fit at <company>”

  • interview a lot: answer recruiter messages and interview everywhere. Even if you don’t want the job. Interview practice is key. Save the companies you want for a bit later in your search

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