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Other / Unsorted

  • Devices: Mobile? Web? Desktop? iPad?

Browser Requirements

  • Do we anciptiable any older browsers, slower devices, slow network connections
  • SSR for slower devices, fast first render
  • WebSockets - if not supported fallback


  • FB Meta tags, Google Indexable/Robots
  • Favicon


  • Do we need i18z or accessibility
  • Easily account for accessibility using MUI But might need to change later when changing design
  • Level of abstraction on top of component so that it's easy to switch between

Static Page like Home

  • Webflow - so that designers can update without a developer, less deploy time

Bug tolerance:

which areas should bugs have more QA
  • Heavily test financial customer
    • Number/Support
    • Talk about the experience after customer bought something


  • Vercel for hosting in the beginning

Components Architecture Examples

  • Advanced Masonry Scroll (google photos)