Topic In Depths

This is a data lake of unstructured stuff I'd like to write about. Disregard :)

  • Observability

  • CI/CD

  • Testing

  • Feature Flagging, User Testing

  • Data Modeling

  • API Structuring

  • Lists of Libraries

  • Rendering

    • How React Works

  • Forms

    • Validation

    • Debouncing

  • OpenAPI/Swagger

Embedding React, Portals, Webflow


3D Viz - inc testing


CLIs (

My Principles (

External APIs

Shopify, ReCharge, Kyaviyo, Hubspot, Smartrr, Squarespace, Stripe, Plaid, Unit, Spotify, Twilio, Google Maps, MapBox, Carto, GitHub, GitLab, Notion, Alexa, Google Speech, Google Vision, Google Calendar, Google Drive/Docs/Sheet/Tabletop, Firebase, Marketo, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, AirTables, Google Data Studio, Zappier, Alloy (Shopify), TypeForm, ReCaptcha, Tag Manager, Slack, Discord, Mailchimp, Asana, JIRA, Webflow, Dropbox, DocuSign, Netlify, Mailgun, BambooHR, Magento, MixPanel, Snowflake, Wordpress, Contentful, Drupal, probably most major services in AWS/GCP (S3, EC2, SES, SNS, Lambda, K8S) via REST, Terraform, Pulumi, etc.

API scraping ( comprehensive guide on API Scraping, on CodeMentor (

Formats and protocols: REST, GraphQL, RPC, Sockets, XML, RDF, XBRL, CSV.


unit and integration testing APIs, stubbing, etc.

React Stuff

  • Redux vs Context

  • Hooks vs classical

Code Organization

  • TypeScript

  • Auth - Auth0, Passport

  • Linting




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