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Configure CI/CD pipelines

  • Testing
  • Deployment to appropriate environments
  • Rolling Back

Time Requirements

  • Should take < 10m? Would require optimization on tests?
  • Optimizing Build,

Source Maps

  • Do we want include source maps? In staging? Production
  • Will it work with Sentry for error tracking


  • K8S? Etc?
  • Migrations of data (mostly for BE, but should FE be aware/interact somehow)


  • Prod/Dev/Staging/Local environments
  • Auth for each - Auth0
  • Permissions to push to each via GitHub
  • GitHub flow for merging and promoting app through environments
  • Restrict push to main/staging (CI passes, # of approvals)


  • Dockerize local Env with mock backend or seeded backend or shared staging backend
    • Give DB access to add fake data on your own for FE devs for local integration testing

Status Tracking

  • Notify users what status of servers is, outages, 404 pages, 500 pages
  • Independent from main service
  • PagerDuty if something goes down for fast responses

Mono Repo? Separate Repo? Component Repos?

  • Do we separate out different parts of the app - admin vs public pages vs user frontend?
  • Makes the app a lot more modular, forces to code in a self-contained way
  • Slightly decreases dev speed
  • Do we separate out components - charting etc for use in other apps

Error Message strategy

  • Codes? Contact links? Logging? How do we display? Standardized Language
  • Separate environments for logging and error tracking (Datadog, Sentry)

Testing Strategy

  • Unit - Jest
  • Ability to add seed data, API calls to seed data
  • Common Scenarios to seed data
  • Parallel Tests - different containers for parallelization in CI to avoid data race conditions
  • Integration - with and without BE
  • Mocking APIs (faster, doesn't account for actual state of API)
  • Cypress
  • Selenium
  • Pickle/Cucumber
  • Visual Regression Testing
  • Chromatic
  • Browser/Mobile Testing
  • BrowserStack

Logging/Observability Strategy

  • DataDog
  • What do we want to log
  • Details every part of system with spans
  • Sensitive info scrubbing
  • User profile tracking
  • Access controls for logged information
  • Logging across BE/FE, ray tracing
  • Start with FE API request, and then see what happened on the BE
  • Configure Useful Views in Sentry/Datadog
  • Analytics - Looker