Backend Integration


  • Am I designing Backend? Or Just FE?
  • API
    • Already written? Writing together with BE? Proposing?
    • Protocols: Sockets? REST? GraphQL? GRPC? Mix of each (REST for one time info, Sockets for Stock Prices)
  • Error Handling
    • Retry Mechanism?
    • Messaging to the user
  • Long Async Requests
    • Ex: Buy operation that may take 1+ minutes, chunked buy (buy shares as they become available)
    • Push messaging when operation is complete, email, think about this flow Multi Day operations - clearing of funds (prob email)
  • Interaction with BE
    • Something like OpenAPI/Swagger to sync on documentation/API contract
    • Generating TypeScript Types from OpenAPI
    • Are we synching API versions between releases?
    • Make sure FE is released at same time as corresponding BE Major releases.
    • Minor releases? Breaking API releases?
    • How do we make sure nothing breaks as BE changes?
    • Integration testing strategy
    • Postman
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